Our Mission


We're working to cultivate relationships between small businesses to be co-dependent with eachother and craft-focused instead of the alternative where large businesses are primairly invested in real estate, excessive market share and over-producing volumes of products that become stale, lack of flavour, unsustainable for our world and unhealthy for our bodies.


We are the only festival in the world, on record, to give a rebate back to our brewery vendors. As long as the breweries meet criteria that demonstrates the beer they are serving has been made in collaboration with a regional farm that shares values that are equal to the organic certification. We don't exclusively endorse organic certified farms just because many businesses choose not to pay for the certification, while they can just be transparent on their growing + storage practices and keep their produce prices low.


A number of regional festivals order their servingware and drinkware through either American companies or they use plastic cups that are manufactured in Asia and aren't earth-conscious. We order our drinkware through a Canadian Company and buy drinking glasses that are re-useable, washable, and don't contain harmful chemicals. By using a Canadian drinkware company, we are minimizing the use of natural gas and we are keeping business in our beautiful country. Our food vendors all provide utensils and plates that are compostable.

serve kick-ass beer & food.

We're fortunate to know some of the most amazing people who want to help bring one of the most original festival concepts to the Fraser Valley to celebrate good food, good drinks and good times.